Wednesday, January 23, 2008

what do I like about Palm Beach...

MORE: done with the book... not bad but I was disappointed that although he praised his wife a lot, he ended-up giving her no formal credit (if the best writing and a lot of others things were really hers, why isn't she the co-author of the book?) D.

all that debauchery going on, especially at night... kidding, kidding:)... just the natural beauty, NOT the circus culture the place has apparently spawned (I'm half way through Ronald Kessler's book and it made me realize I NEED to tell people what I love about the place or I will be really misunderstood).


P.S. intellectually, the place could really use someone like Terrence McKeena... as to all that "culture" that's supposed to be going on... aside from the Opera, pretty much everything else sounds like meaningless fluff... D.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank God I'm not flat chested!

I took a spill! on a cement platform: it was dark and that step really shouldn't have been there... anyways, my boob provided very effective cushioning (didn't turn out to be anywhere as bad as I would have thought:I scraped my knee and my palm but that was it... the boob is fine, not a scratch; this must be a real hazard for those with "enhancements" -- would have probably required medical attention) D.