Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Starbucks guy

calls me "my lady" and rushes over to get my green tea on the table... every single time! I have no idea how I should react -- I mean, you want to be nice to people but... I have no clue where this guy is coming from... D.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a knowing look and a smile from a bookstore owner

took a look at a non-chain local bookstore with G. and we figured we could get away with some private teasing... (for some odd reason libraries and bookstores turn me on -- may be the apparent seclusion) but... not so... --> the bookstore owner gave us a knowing look and a smile when we left (must have had a hidden camera somewhere)


P.S. the creepy thing is that he was a Craig Newmark look alike... (looks like they are all over the place) D.

Friday, April 18, 2008

two gays (must have been...) eyeing G.'s calves...

-- I can certainly see the point:)...-- and wispering disapointed: "must be his girlfriend..."

--> thank God I'm not anybody's girlfriend! bad position to be in ... especially for years and years... if the relationship is not marriage bound why bother having a relationship with that person in the first place? (might just as well enjoy your independence...). I don't understand the women who put up with it indefinitely...


P.S. I need to wear my wedding band more often ... the thing is... I love it! it's me more than any other piece of jewelry I've ever seen... it's got 9 good size encrusted rubies -- red is my color! all the way -- but the design is so unpretentious that it does not look at all flamboyant... I just take it off any time it might get damaged and then I forget to put it back on... D.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

G:"I can't believe you are reading that crap..."

this was after I unexpectedly bonded with a guy in a restaurant over what is probably known as a guys' vicarious living series (A Palm Beach mystery series: The Archy McNally stories)


P.S. of course, I like the stuff for very different reasons (I love the always funny and astute social commentary and... the food! Sanders had been a chef -- a very good one I suspect -- , but, of course, I'm fully aware of Archy's long and constantly growing list of sexual exploits...)

P.P.S. ok, G. , I'll forget all about it after I'm done with the other 10 odd volumes that I haven't yet read:) (the Sanders family had a "ghost writer" continue the series after he passed away) D.