Monday, March 10, 2008

it's not like he's not giving me choices...

MORE: things I find difficult to accept (and I really don't accept) -- that's why I'm saying I'm not taking this stuff seriously:

Mark Pesce (0. 46 time mark): " and then I said... well... this appears to be the case, it was confirmed to me internaly in a way I couldn't particularly argue with, I could not argue out of, it was simply a foundational fact"[my emphasis]--> really? I call this wishful thinking:)... and I can usually overcome it... D.

STILL MORE: what would I want them to show? well... just to back-up their claims: if intuition just tells them things... those things should be scientifically testable! mind creates reality? then... go ahead and create reality with your mind in a very palpable way! --> then we'd be seriously talking (not before...)... but there is no need for these ideas to be "true" (to have any actual bearing on reality), they are nonetheless interesting and entertaining... D.

EVEN MORE: up early... but not because of loud music (just couldn't sleep...) D.

MORE: what was I doing up late? listening to this (Mark Pesce turns out to be a much more interesting guy than that article would suggest... not that I agree with the stuff, just like I don't agree with McKeena on those things -- unless somebody shows, not just says... -- but it's certainly interesting...); alright I better go to bed now -- hopefully I get to sleep in tomorrow:) but I can't count on it... D.
G. :"Are you coming to bed, D., or do you want loud music to wake you up bright and early in the morning?"

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