Friday, April 18, 2008

two gays (must have been...) eyeing G.'s calves...

-- I can certainly see the point:)...-- and wispering disapointed: "must be his girlfriend..."

--> thank God I'm not anybody's girlfriend! bad position to be in ... especially for years and years... if the relationship is not marriage bound why bother having a relationship with that person in the first place? (might just as well enjoy your independence...). I don't understand the women who put up with it indefinitely...


P.S. I need to wear my wedding band more often ... the thing is... I love it! it's me more than any other piece of jewelry I've ever seen... it's got 9 good size encrusted rubies -- red is my color! all the way -- but the design is so unpretentious that it does not look at all flamboyant... I just take it off any time it might get damaged and then I forget to put it back on... D.

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