Sunday, May 18, 2008

we are not ready to join a book club

G., was going to give it a try this time: I wanted us to join a local book club and borrowed two copies (one for him and one for me) of the book they were going to discuss this Saturday -- not a bad one, I thought... somebody who had a lot of academic background in the topic had written "the true story" of one of the women in the Old Testament, as supposedly recounted by the character herself

I thought we were set to go but I figured I'd just ask G. if he thought he would enjoy the discussion of this first book... He told me that he was going to suggest the book club reads some real literature, like "The Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans," real accounts by Plutarch... (which he was going to bring along to show them) and skip "made-up stories" such as the one they were reading...

P.S. well, I'm glad I asked :) because I realized we were NOT ready to join a book club! (not as a couple, not unless we started one of our own...) D.

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