Thursday, March 5, 2009

water fight!

ended up pouring my glass of cranberry juice down G.'s head... -- just didn't know how else to drive it home that I was *serious*!

I really need him to stop "fixing" all sort of "problems" that are really no problem for me... No! I do not need my desk cleared up... (I never know where to find things after he "tidies up"...) No! I do not need my email account organized... (I like it as simple as possible so I can easily find stuff I need and ignore the rest) etc.


P.S. anyways, it turned into a monster hilarious water fight, backing each other into pretty much each and every tiled area of the house (where we could pour water on each other without damaging anything) and laughing like we haven't done it in a long time... we ended-up in the bath tub... together... D.

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